Service Technician with Altman Management Company

At Altman, we provide a comfortable and team-oriented work environment that inspires professional development and gives our employees diverse opportunities to grow within the organization. We’re proud that many of our employees have been a part of the company for more than 20 years. This longevity is a testament to the positive energy and integrity instilled by the leaders of Altman Management Company.


Job Qualifications

  • Perform all phases of maintenance as deemed necessary in order to keep the community running efficiently.
  • Respond to all service calls in a timely fashion, respond to all emergency service calls promptly, and must have the flexibility to be on-call after normal business hours.
  • Carpentry Repairs — Repair or replace cabinets, doors, moldings, as well as replacing tile floors.
  • Common Areas (Field Responsibilities) — Repairs to roof, gutters, downspouts, exterior lighting (including floodlighting), and splash block replacement. Road sign installation, replacement, and repair. Road line painting, patching of potholes, swimming pool painting, and pool equipment repair.
  • Electrical Repairs — Troubleshooting wiring faults, switch and outlet replacement, bulb and fixture replacements when necessary. Troubleshoot any light and power equipment on the property, including common area emergency lighting and alarm system on a monthly basis.
  • Heating/Air-Conditioning/Appliances — Furnace or boiler repair and cleaning. Repair all appliances including air-conditioners.
  • Painting Units — Spraying, brushing and rolling. Repair of drywall prior to painting.  Spackling and sanding.  Removal of wallpaper if necessary and replacement of drywall.
  • Plumbing Repairs — Repair and cleaning of sewer drain lines, clearing blockages in drain lines. Repair and replacement of all sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and hot water heaters.  Detection and repair of gas leaks is required.
  • Shop Responsibility — Maintain shop in a neat and orderly condition; eliminate fire hazards and/or potential fire hazards. Keep records of inventory and make sure inventory is accurate, up to date and stocked as needed.  Keep records on prices from vendors and best prices available on commonly replaced parts.
  • Snow and Ice removal – Shovel snow, push snow blower, and spread ice melt.
  • Must have working knowledge of required safety policies, procedures and complete trainings as required.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of Fair Housing regulations as they apply to resident relations.
  • Must have proficient knowledge of English (read, write, and speak).
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs, bend, walk, climb stairs and ladders.
  • Any reasonable request made by manager, supervisor, owner, or anyone in authority.

How To Apply:
Please forward resumes to Kelly Kuchinski

Company Details:
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