Continuity of Education Plan


School District


Lebanon County Career & Technology Center


Glenn Meck II, Administrative Director


833 Metro Drive Lebanon PA 17042
Email/Phone cell Phone: 717-269-8007


Goal of Plan

Our goal is that students have the opportunity to develop and maintain skills while away from the customary school environment. We will provide opportunities through a combination of enrichment and review and planned instruction.


Overview of Plan

The LCCTC mission is to provide high school and adult students with the skill, knowledge, and understanding necessary to obtain employment, advance in careers, pursue post-secondary education and enrich their lives.

Through our Continuity of Education, we will continue to provide the necessary education that encompasses our ideals in our mission statement in a virtual setting.


Expectations for Teaching and Learning

Through our enrichment and review we will be reinforcing content taught prior to the March 20, 2020 school closure. Through our planned instruction we will be introducing new course material not covered prior to the March 20, 2020 school closure.

All material reviewed or new is aligned with Career and Technical Program of study to ensure that all students are prepared for employment or post-secondary education in their chosen career field.

All enrichment and review material will be optional and ungraded. When the LCCTC move to planned instruction required assignments will be graded on a pass/fail system.


Communication Tools and Strategies

Communication to parents, students and community is by the use of Blackboard (robo calls), instructor reminder apps., website, Facebook and e-mails. Our Continuity of Education Plan will be posted on our website.


For instructional purposes students will be contacted by the same communication tools mentioned above on how to log on to the instructional platform their instructor is using to deliver enrichment and review as well as planned instruction.


All instructors, program facilitators and Special Population personnel will be contacting parents via e-mail, and direct telephone calls to discuss student progress throughout the school closure.


Access (Devices, Platforms, Handouts)

Each student has an e-mail account at our school to access information. Each instructor will be contacting their students on how to access the platform that they will be using to deliver enrichment and planned instruction. For students who do not have access to a device, we are referring them to their sending district to pick up a device or they can borrow one from the CTC.

Students without internet service are working with their home districts to gain access to “hotspots”.


Staff General Expectations

All instructors have been delivering a minimum of two enrichment assignments per week starting on Monday, March 30,2020. The LCCTC has set a tentative date of Monday, April 13, 2020 for the implementation of planned instruction.

All instructors are to develop new material lessons with the expectation that students will log on and participate in zoom meetings, assignment, and discussion points. Teachers will be available to students between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:10 pm to deliver instruction or assist students to complete assigned projects or work.

Instructors are required to develop a minimum of at least 2 weekly gradable assignments, with scheduled due days determined by the instructor.


Student Expectations

Students are expected to log in to the educational platform that each instructor will be using, each day school is in session and have daily interaction with their instructor. The interactions will be determined by the program instructor. For students who are not actively participating in the course, either the School Counselors, Assistant Director of Students or in the case of students with IEPs, program facilitators and personnel from our Special Population department will be reaching out.


Attendance / Accountability

Students attendance will be tracked through the completion of assignments and daily check-in which will be determined by the program instructor.



Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students

All students will be contacted through e-mails, robo-calls, instructor reminder application, website, and Facebook to determine if there are any students who do not have access to a device or internet services.

If it is determined that a student does not have access to a device or internet, the instructor will make every effort to provide printed documentation to the student, when allowable.




Special Education Supports

Each student who has an I.E.P. will be contacted by the assigned program facilitator who has been working with them throughout the year to determine the level of assistance that the student should require. Google call numbers have been established and sent to all I.E.P. students. I.E.P. students can use these numbers to request any assistance that they may need to complete assignments.

Special Population facilitators are working with instructors to fully implement all SDI’s in a virtual learning setting. Weekly parent contact to all identified students will be done by the special Population department.


EL Supports

As a part-time CTC the sending schools support all EL students. We will have an EL aide that will work with EL students who need assistance doing assignments. The EL aide will work closely with the program instructor and program facilitators to assist in meeting students’ needs.

The facilitators and the EL aide will be involved in as many class discussion or lessons as time allows.


Gifted Education

Our Special population facilitators will work with the program instructors develop advanced course work to meet the challenges of the gifted student. Gifted students are required to meet “student expectations” outlined in our Continuity of Education Plan.


Building/Grade Level Contacts

All general communication to parents, students and the community is disseminated through the administrators. This is done through Facebook, robo-calls to each student, e-mails, and our website.

Points of contact for student/parent information:

Glenn Meck Administrative Director,

Gregory Williams, Assistant Director of Students,

Justin Weaber, Adult Education Coordinator,




Resource Links

Resources being used to implement our Continuity of Education are:


Microsoft teams



Google Telephone numbers

Various on-line curriculum i.e. Armatrol, Milady, etc.

I.U. #13 Instructor Resource Center


Instructional Coach

And any other resources that may arise during implementation of our Continuity of Education plan.