Last week, we provided you with updated information regarding the most recent Department of Health Mask Order. Today, we are reaching out to provide additional clarification regarding the DOH Mask Order, its intersection with the Lebanon County Career & Technology Centers Policy, and our procedures, beginning today. The timing of the announcement was most unfortunate and occurred after the school year had begun, resulting in many questions and uncertainties. To help eliminate these uncertainties, we are providing this communication to make you aware of the process that the Lebanon County Career & Technology Center will follow this week which is based on our Board approved Dress and Grooming policy. Lebanon County Career & Technology Policy 221: Dress and Grooming provides the authority for a building administrator to enforce school rules regarding student dress practices that present a hazard to the health or safety of the student or to others in the school or that cause a disruption of the educational environment. The August 31, 2021, DOH Mask Order indicates that wearing a face covering protects “the ability of our school to continue to educate our children, and of our children to receive in-person instruction in the safest environment possible.”

Please encourage your child to properly wear a face covering. If a student needs a face covering one will be provided throughout the school day during the duration of this week. When a student is not wearing a mask in school, the following procedures will be implemented:

· A staff member will remind the student to wear a mask;

· If a student does not have a mask or chooses to not wear a mask, the staff will refer via email to the administration who will meet with student.

· For the remainder of this week, if a student is not wearing a mask, the administration will provide a verbal warning to the student, and a written notice will be given to the student to take home to inform the student’s parent/guardian.

· The Administration will send parents/guardians an email informing them that their child was provided with written notice of violation of Board Policy 221;

· Before the end of this week, more information will be provided regarding our processes going forward.

We recognize that there are some individuals who are unable to wear face coverings due to a diagnosed medical condition. Exemptions to the face covering requirements are provided for under the Order and will be processed in accordance with established Lebanon County Career & Technology Centers policies and procedures governing requests for accommodation in the school environment. To begin the exemption process supporting documentation in writing from a licensed physician indicating the medical or psychological reason for the exemption request. Finally, we appreciate that the unfortunate timing of this most recent Order has made it difficult for some families whose child/ren may have a medical need to secure supporting information from their treating physician in connection with requests for accommodation. If this presents an issue for you, please contact the administration.