Physical Education

Your high school has indicated that you are required to complete Contract Physical Education. Download the attached file and you will find your Contract Physical Education Form. Please follow the directions on the form. Nine weeks of activity must be completed for each marking period. In addition, your parent or guardian must sign at the bottom of the form.

Below is the schedule of due dates for each quarter. You will receive a 0 for each quarter that a TOTALLY completed form is not handed in by the due date. There will be no exceptions or extensions. The forms must be turned in to Mrs. Tiru in the CTC Guidance Office, at which time you should pick up a new form for the next quarter.

Marking Period Due Date
1 10/28/2019
2 01/17/2020
3 03/23/2020
4 06/01/2020

Snow dates will not change these due dates.