Our Mission & History

The Mission of the Lebanon County Career and Technology Center is to provide high school and adult students with the skill, knowledge, and understanding necessary to obtain employment, advance in careers, pursue postsecondary education and enrich their lives.

We recognize that training students for tomorrow’s careers are built upon the foundations of state-of-the-art equipment, technically competent staff, materials which reflect current trends, unbiased counseling, planned work experience, and leadership activities that promote confidence and self-worth.
The interests of career and technical education can be advanced by emulating the professional principles of the industry: customer service and satisfaction, innovation, consistency, accountability, professional appearance of facilities and personnel and fiscal responsibility.
Teaching must occur in a friendly, yet professional and structured environment which encourages student growth and attainment. We are committed to planned competency-based instruction based on the needs of local industry.
Each individual has worth and we will strive to enhance their intellectual, emotional, physical, social and aesthetic development.
A school can be more effective if it is supported by a school board, administration, staff and advisory groups which understand the needs of the students and the community.
The quality of education can be significantly improved by encouraging the cooperation between students, teachers, staff, administration, participating schools, boards, parents, business, community organizations, and government.
Proactively responding to new political, economic, social and educational trends positively affects our students and community.
Work ethic is important for career and business success and we commit our efforts to develop positive student attitudes and habits.
Emphasizing health, safety, and wellness as well as providing a safe environment will encourage students to follow safe practices throughout life.


The Lebanon County Career and Technology Center was organized in 1964 to provide technical training to high school students and adults.  The original curriculum consisted of eighteen courses provided through a three-year half-day schedule to sophomores, juniors, and seniors from the six sending school districts.

As enrollment fluctuated, the labor market changed and educational standards were implemented, programs and facilities were updated—programs were added, programs were cut; the three-year schedule was modified and several Senior Only Programs were introduced; significant expansion and remodeling projects were also completed.

Today the Lebanon County Career and Technology Center is a state-of-the-art technical training facility housing 22 programs.  Students work with the latest in technology and have unsurpassed opportunities for career advancement.  From college articulation agreements and Cooperative Education to real-world experiences, our students receive the training needed for a successful future.