Culinary and Pastry Apprenticeships

The Culinary and Pastry Apprenticeships are a combination of 445 hours of classroom instruction at the LCCTC and 4,000 hours of on-the-job training at a sponsoring restaurant over approximately two years. Apprentices earn wages while they learn and gain valuable experience in industry kitchens. Both apprenticeships are registered with the Department of Labor and Industry and the American Culinary Federation.

Program Specifics

Program Costs
Cost—$10,000 total / $5,000 per year
$300 nonrefundable deposit which is applied to tuition costs

Culinary – 4,000 Hours

Steward 120
Breakfast 200
Vegetable, Starch & Pasta 600
Fabrication 200
Broiler/Char-grill 560
Soup & Sauce 520
Pantry & Cold Foods 600
Cooking Techniques 800
Baking & Pastry 240
Supervisory Development 160

Pastry – 4,000 Hours

Pastry Shop Orientation 120
Baking Production 1320
Pastry Production 2200
Related Kitchen Production 200
Lead Pastry Cook 160

Program Selection Criteria

  • Applicants shall be high school graduates, or equivalent, with an eligible starting age no less than 17 years or state requirement.
  • All applicants must also meet the specific requirements as stated by the PA DOL.
  • Applicants must be physically fit to perform the work of the trade and may be subject to a medical examination prior to being employed.
  • The apprentices shall satisfy the Committee that they have the ability and the aptitude to master the rudiments of the trade.
  • Previous work experience is not a prerequisite for entering this apprenticeship program; however, previous work experience may be one aspect considered during the selection process.
  • Must meet any other entrance requirement determined by the apprenticeship committee.

Student Certifications

Certifications student are able to test for and obtain through the program:

ServSafe Certification

Being ServSafe Certified for food handling safety is necessary for anyone looking to enter the food service and hospitality industry.

Chef Supervisory Management Certification

Learn important problem-solving methods and techniques to manage people in the food service industry.

Chef Nutrition Certification

Discover practical, in-depth, and hands-on science of nutrition and nutrition in the marketplace, including trends, diets, and specialized properties of various foods.

Chef Sanitation and Safety Certification

The National Restaurant Association’s food handler program focuses on allergens, cross-contamination, sanitation, temperatures, and other basic food safety protocols.

Culinary Apprentice

Take a hands-on approach while you continue your culinary education as we match you with an experienced chef for direct, on-the-job, training.

ACF Certified Culinarian
ACF Certified Sous Chef

Pastry Apprentice

Our pastry apprentice program will provide you with the most comprehensive and practical training with on-the-job training.

ACF Certified Pastry Cook
ACF Certified Working Pastry Culinarian

ACFEF – Certified Program

LCCTC’s program will align with the ACF apprenticeship training program, which has been designed to provide future culinarians entering the workplace with comprehensive training in the practical and theoretical aspects of work required in a highly skilled profession.

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Ready To Learn How To Apply?

For more information regarding the apprenticeships including how to apply, please contact:

Justin Weaber
Adult Education Program Coordinator
(717) 273-8551 ext. 2185 or