Sports Therapy (Rehabilitation Aide)

Sports Therapy Sciences students will gain knowledge of pre-participation health and fitness assessments to design individual exercise and rehabilitation programs. Our goal is to provide an education that will encourage our students to continue their studies in fields such as athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy and other health and fitness related fields. Our curriculum includes: human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, basic first aid and CPR, injury management and personal training. At the conclusion of our program, each student will be eligible to take a personal training certification examination.

Program Specifics

Two Year Half-Day Program
8:05 A.M.- 2:10 P.M. (36 weeks // 7.5 credits)

CIP Code

Mrs. Hanna Seyfert

Program Costs
Students are required to purchase the following at an estimated cost of $200, with optional exam:

  • Uniform
  • White or Black Leather Sneakers
  • Running Shoes
  • Watch with Second Hand
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Certified Personal Trainer Exam (Optional)

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Student Certifications


National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) provides industry-based credentials and partner industry certifications for students enrolled in career and technical education programs.

BLS Healthcare Provider

Basic Life Support Certification provides students with both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills in both prehospital and in-facility environments.

Personal Trainer

Becoming a certified personal trainer gives you the tools to enhance the physical fitness of others with a range of concentrated areas of fitness including training philosophy and performance type.

College Articulation and Credits


SOAR programs of study prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s high demand and high wage careers.

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Career Opportunities

Students can be employed while in high school through the Cooperative Education program. Qualified students may obtain paid employment after successful completion of classroom training. This program expands the school curriculum by providing students with additional skills through supervised work experience at local businesses. The employment is scheduled during the time the student would be in attendance at the Career and Technology Center.


  • Personal Trainer
  • Athletic Trainer*
  • Physical Therapist*
  • Occupational Therapist*

(* denotes additional educational or certification requirements)


This program is only in its fifth year and most occupations associated with this program require 2-6 years of additional schooling.

  • YMCA
  • Drayer Physical Therapy
  • Planet Fitness

Salary Ranges

PositionProjected Employment Growth 2014-2024 Entry SalaryAvg PA SalaryExperienced Salary
Personal Trainer10%$20,710$37,920$46,530
Athletic Trainer17%$34,090$46,590$52,850
Physical Therapist26%$62,250$85,510$97,130
Occupational Therapist21%$57,000$79,860$91,920