Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,
The Lebanon County Career and Technology Center has a deep concern for the safety and security of its students, employees, and visitors. As you may know, we recently hired a full-time School Police Officer to support our overall efforts to ensure campus safety and security.

Please be advised that we will also implement hand-held metal detector screenings which will be used on a random basis beginning on January 3, 2019. Students will be selected by staff monitors and scanned using the hand-held metal detectors as they enter the school building. Should there be an alert, we will expect full cooperation from students in determining the root cause. Searches to resolve such alerts will be conducted on the spot. Failure to cooperate or submit to metal detector screening as requested by staff will result in disciplinary consequences. The purpose of implementing such security measures is to prevent contraband from entering the building. Our Student Handbook provides a clear explanation of items prohibited in our school along with the potential consequences for noncompliance.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation as we implement this important safety and
security measure. Please contact our School Police Officer directly at 717-273-8551
( extension 2118) if you have any questions.

Parent Letter Re Metal Detector Checks 12 05 18